Info Services

Supporting the creative process: connecting artists and visionaries with information to support their creative endeavors.

Original Research

Developing strategies for collecting and organizing data

Expert Interviews

Coordinating and conducting interviews with specialists and professionals to gain perspective and insight

Fact Checking

Reviewing material for accuracy prior to publication and dissemination

Proofreading & Editing

Reviewing documents for typographical errors,  grammar, spelling, style, and formatting

Developing Original Content

Writing original materials for publication or distribution

Database Research

Access to thousands of databases; navigating millions of scholarly articles, journals, books, and media


EMERAC is a one-woman operation that provides customized information services to individuals and companies to support their artistic enterprise. Whether you’re trying to tell a story, need some historical context, or want the opinions and input of experts, EMERAC can help connect you with the information you need.

Who is EMERAC?

Theresa Delventhal Rosner

Founder & Researcher

I am Theresa Delventhal Rosner; Librarian, Researcher, Historian, and Founder of EMERAC. I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University. I earned a B.A. in History with a focus on Modern America. I also completed a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University with a concentration in Special Libraries. My experience as an Information Professional spans over 12 years, and includes information services such as researching, editing & proofreading, and composing original content.

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Regular updates on EMERAC, new projects, and the evolving world of the information profession.

How Google Is Changing Our Brains

A few weeks ago I explored the negative implications of social media addiction on mental health, today I wanted to discuss some of the other implications of technology on the[…]

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Artificial Intelligence: What it Means for Careers of the Future

  Throughout the course of history, humanity has seen a gradual evolution of technology. Technology represents a new implementation of tools or machinery which helps the user to achieve a[…]

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The Impact of Social Media Addiction on Mental Health

  In the 21st century everyday internet use has become commonplace among Americans. Everyone has access to the internet; if not in their home, at the local library, at school,[…]

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